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Dalton Frances Bindery   N
Daniels Audrey Bindery Sister of Sheila Furminger and Doreen Vinten N
Daniels Janet Bindery   N
Davis John Office   N
Day Eva Bindery Liked Bob Dunn N
Day Joyce Bindery Nee Brown. N
Day Phyllis Packing Bench   N
Dearden Arthur Comp Room Jobbing section N
De’Ath John Machine Minder Married Judith Parsons N
Devlin Helen Bindery Loved Cherry B N
Devonshire Sue Canteen/Cleaner   N
Dickinson Richard Studio   N
Diddums ?????     N
Divers Jack Comp Room   N
Dixon Paul Director Man Dir. N
Dobbs Gary Despatch   N
Dodson Kerrie Bindery Married Andy Starling N
Driver Derek Sales   N
Drury Simon Paper Warehouse Special Constable N
Dungate Peter Bindery   N
Dunn Bob machine Minder   N
Dunn Robbie Bindery Son of Bob. N
Early Howard Machine Minder “the battering ram” N
Eastwood Wilf Platen Room   N
Edmonds Kevin Comp Room Apprenticed. N
Edwards Ernie Keyboard   N
Edwards John Comp Room   N
Elkins Lorraine Bindery Married Peter Brookes N
Ellen Jack Comp Room   N
Ellis Brian Comp Room   N
Ellis Dave Machine Minder   N
Elmer Jack Machine Assistant   N
Emptage Fred ( Comps? )   N
Fairbrother Lee Studio Son of Len N
Fairbrother Len Comp Room Father of Lee, Chairman CIDA N
Fairman Fred Bindery   N
Farmer Reg Comp Room Overseer N
Fassum Mary Canteen Married Jim Foy N
Field Frank Proofing Press   N
Finch John Sales   N
Finnis Tom Snr. Bindery Storekeeper   N
Finnis Tom Jnr. Ast Bindery Overseer.   N
Fletcher Charles Linotype   N
Fletcher Ted Casters Lived in Cliffe N
Floodgate Steve Machine Room/Office   N
Fogarty Peter Comp Room   N
Ford Brian Comp Room   N
Ford Keith Machine Minder Came from Margate? N
Ford Minnie Bindery Mother of Brian Ford N
Foord Jack Comp Room NGA ...F.O.C. N
Foreman Christine Bindery Married Tony Kilby N
Foreman Sid Bindery Overseer N
Forrest Alan Bindery   N
Fothergill Brian Readers   N
Foulds Syd Machine Room Deputy Foreman N
Foy Rose Bindery Daughter of Jim N
Foy Jim Machine Room assistant Strong as popeye N
Fray James Comp Room Apprenticed 1947 N
Frazer Jim Keyboard   N
Freeman Jim Proofing Press   N
Freestone Gary Comps/Studio   N
Fryer Rob Docutech   N
Fuchter Phil Casters Came from Kent Art Printers N
Furminger Sheila Bindery Sister of Audrey Daniels and Doreen Vinten N
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