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Galliers Dick Comp Room   N
Gash Berylin Bindery   N
Gates Bill Driver Father of Will N
Gates Harry Comp Room   N
Gates Terry Canteen Wife of Bill. Scottish. N
Gates Will Machine Assistant   N
Gaught Bob Comp Room   N
Gay David Bindery   N
Gent Fred Machine Assistant always called Jack N
Gibson John Machine minder   N
Gillette Fred Comp Room   N
Glover Darren Bindery Son of Lynn N
Glover Linda Receptionist Nee Wanless N
Godden Peter Sales Transferred from St Albans branch N
Goodhew Kit Office P.A. to 4  M.D.s. Longest serving person N
Goodram Bet Bindery   N
Gower Dave Machine Room sung as Dave Champion and the Strangers. N
Graham Dave Bindery and M/C Room Guillotine lived in Strood N
Graham Maureen Bindery   N
Gray Peter Sales transferred from St Albans branch N
Grey Mick Machine assistant husband of Pat N
Grey Pat Bindery wife of Mick N
Green Ray Sales   N
Greenland Harry Machine Room Overseer N
Gunningham Phil Machine Assistant   N
Guthrie Machine Room   N
Gutteridge Roy Bindery Apprenticed N
Haines Susan Bindery Married Brian Ford N
Hall Doug Studio/Storeman Ruled up and made Ozalids N
Halton Ted Bindery Case-maker N
Hampton Linda Bindery Emigrated with family to Australia N
Harker Alan Paper Make Up   N
Harknett Ted Bindery   N
Harmer Martin Comp Room   N
Harpum Vince Machine Minder   N
Harris Marie Bindery wife of Stan N
Harris Stan Bindery Dept Overseer   N
Harrington Dee Office   N
Harrison Jack Machine Minder   N
Hartridge Tony Comp Room   N
Haudiquet Vince Office from Norfolk N
Hawes David Bindery served apprenticeship N
Hawkins John Machine Room served apprenticeship N
Hayes Bruce Readers moved to Wales with wife Rita N
Heard Norman Platen Room Father of Sandra N
Heard Sandra Bindery   N
Heath Ken Keyboard   N
Hedges Terry Bindery   N
Henry Phil Machine Minder Apprentice N
Hewitt Joan Bindery   N
Hicks Wendy Bindery   N
Hibben Arthur Comp Room Jobbing 'Clicker' N
Highley Sylvia Bindery   N
Hills Seymour Comp Room T.A. F.O.C. N
Hoare Marilyn Bindery Daughter of Reg???? N
Hoare Reg. Comp Room   N
Hodge Jack Machine Minder   N
Holmes Brian Bindery   N
Holt Ron Comp Room/Studio acting Comp Room Overseer N
Honess Clive Office Nephew of Ron N
Honess Ron Docutech organised the Sheppey Walk N
Hooper Ernie Bindery wore brown overalls N
Hopper Frazer Machine Room   N
Horlick Paula Bindery member of CIDA N
Hoskyns Les Comp Room   N
Howard Steve Bindery   N
Howe Roy Machine Minder Emigrated to NZ-- member of CIDA N
Howes Kevin Folders Son of Norman N
Howes Norman Office Commercial Manager, called ‘Nobby’ N
Hubbard John Comp Room Husband of Shirley N
Hubbard Shirley Sheetchecker Nee Keane N
Huggins Jeff Comp Room apprentice N
Hughes Dave Casters   N
Hughes Martin Machine Room Nicknamed 'Goldberg' N
Hunt Sandra Wages Office/Reception   N
Hurley Eddy Comp Room Came from Hyde Press N
Hutchings Ernie Machine Minder Went to work in NZ-but came back N
Ingram Jim Machine Minder Always called ‘Chic” N
Irwin Maurice Comp Room   N
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