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McAngus John Comp room Lived 'on the Island' Rode Motorbike N
McDonald General staff Night boiler man Nickname Mac. N
Magor Mark Bindery FOC. Nicknamed Jiffy N
Manning Arnie Comp Room/Platemaking   N
Marchant Guy Despatch/Driver Son of Val. N
Marchant Joe Bindery Son of Val N
Marchant Val Bindery Forelady.   N
Marsh Alf  Folders Lived in Burham and married Josie ?????? N
Marsh Bob Bindery Twin of Alf N
Marsh Fred Machine Minder Lived in Maidstone N
Marsh Maggie Bindery   N
Marshall Ken Boiler room   N
Martin Debbie Office Pretty and pleasant girl N
Martin George Comp Room   N
Martin Joan Despatch   N
Martin Lisa Keyboard Daughter of Terry (Renown Repro) N
Martin Peter Comp Room   N
Mathews Dawn Bindery   N
McDonald John Sales The first 'Rep' hired by SPR N
McEwan Steve Office Estimator N
McKendrick Ian Comp Room Good friend of  Sue Thake N
Melhuish Jane Office   N
Mitchell Fernella Sheetchecker Nee White, wife of Phil N
Mitchell Phil Machine Minder   N
Mitten Alan Driver a bit accident prone N
Mock Jeff Machine minder   N
Moore Ian Machine apprentice   N
Morrist Elaine Bindery Called Shaney, sister of Ken N
Morrist Ken Machine Minder Member of CIDA N
Mortley George Bindery   N
Motton John Maintenance   N
Mount Andy Studio apprentice N
Murdoch Diane Bindery   N
Murphy Kathy Bindery   N
Murray Stewart Machine minder   N
Neale Bert Keyboard had been and Officer in the Army N
Neil Rose Bindery went out with Brian Fotd a few times. N
Nicholls Billy Bindery Married Delysa N
Nicholls Delysa Bindery/Office nee Coppin N
Nightingale Roy Sales   N
Nimmo Terry Machine Room/Office Manager. Called Mr Bean N
Nisson Mick Comp Room came from Passmores N
Noyes Chris Comp Room   N
Noyes Clifford Jerry Comp Room 1936-39 and 1945-53 Father of Chris. N
Nunn Mick Comp Room   N
Obrien Francis Bindery Elsewhere under married name???? N
Ody John Machine Minder   N
Ongley Alec Comp Room   N
O’Niell John Bindery Overseer. Called Jock N
Orchard Mick Comp room   N
O’Shaunessey Roger Machine Minder   N
Overy Leander Docutech   N
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