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Paffett Peter Folders   N
Paine Tara Bindery Popular and friendly. N
Palmer Linda Bindery went to Australia N
Palmer Rod Paper Make Up   N
Parfitt Chrissie Despatch   N
Parfitt Sue Office   N
Parker June Bindery Friend of Sylvia Whitnell N
Parsons Judith ??????? Married John De'Ath. N
Patmore Violet Bindery and Machine Room Married Syd Lloyd. N
Patterson Vic Comp Room Stone Hand and Diss Hand. N
Payne Beryl Bindery Best friend of Anne Wade N
Pearce Jack Monotype Casters Apprentice 1943 N
Penny Brian Machine Minder Nicknamed Woolworths Monkey N
Perry Ann Bindery   N
Perry Paul Delivery Boy Good table tennis player N
Petley Angela Office Sales P.A. N
Pett Janice Bindery Married Ken Morrist N
Philbrick Anthony Machine Minder Apprenticed N
Phillips Pat Office Good friend of Tom Blacklock N
Pilcher Jessamy Office Tall attractive girl N
Pocock Horace Machine Assistant Always called Ossie. NATSOPA FOC N
Pocock Jean Bindery sister of Ossie and Doreen (Jarrett) N
Potter Kirk Douglas Machine assistant His mother adored a film star. N
Potter ???? Machine Minder (Muff) --2nd. Litho minder employed N
Poore Karen Office Married Bob Dunn N
Prime Jim Machine Minder   N
Prior Terry Machine Minder/Proofer   N
Quaintence Yvonne Office   N
Quinn Cornielias Comp Room Always called 'Con' N
Quy Allen Machine assistant Lived in Wainscott N
Radmore Sharon Bindery   N
Ralph Martin Comp Room Apprentice N
Rapley Leanne Bindery daughter of Pearl N

Rapley Pearl

Bindery Nee Bennett N
Redsull Tony Readers Nice bloke N
Reid Pat Bindery Friend of Berylin Gash N
Relph Christine Bindery Did she marry Will Gates???? N
Relph Martin Comp Room   N
Rhodes Dudley Machine Minder Litho Deputy Manager---loved buses N
Risbridger Steve Machine Minder   N
Riskey Norman Keyboard Excellent Chess player N
Robotham Les Comp Room Overseer N
Rock Jim Director went to Kettering Branch N
Rodda John Comp Room Brother in Law of Tony Styles N
Rosier Eric Machine Minder Long serving member. N
Ross David Comp Room   N
Ross Brian Comp Room had a very lovely sister in the office. N
Rolings Arthur Comp Room always rode a bike to work. N
Rowland Derek Bindery Son in Law of Mrs Brown???? N
Russell Christine Bindery/ Folders worked with John Collins N
Russell Harry Machine Assistant spent much time in the Bosun and Call pub N
Ryan Mike  Office Went to Kent Supplies maidstone. N
Ryde Frank Machine Minder Apprenticed N
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