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Salmon Frank Machine Minder   N
Sandford Dave Comp Room 1973-77 N
Sayers Wendy Bindery   N
Scott Bill Director Managing Director N
Scott Dave Comp Room   N
Sears Paul Comp Room Apprentice N
Searles Norman Bindery   N
Sharpe Kendra Docutech   N
Shelley Ian Studio   N
Sherwood Ian Comp Room   N
Short John Machine minder sold Ben Sherman shirts N
Sibley Dean Driver   N
Sibley Roy  Stores Father of Dean N
Sieber Frank Snr. Comp Room Worked Nights N
Seiber Frank Jnr. Comp Room Apprentice. Son of Frank Snr. N
Simmons Arthur Machine Assistant Bit of a 'wide boy' could get anything N
Simmons Peter Sales Director   N
Simpson Andrew Platen Room Apprentice with a love of cars N
Singh Sukhwant Machine Assistant always called Sukhi N
Sizer Keith Machine Minder   N
Skinner Roy Sales Lived in Margate N
Slater Dave Machine Minder First Litho Minder at Love Lane N
Smith Bert Bindery   N
Smith Betty Bindery Small- called 'Bet' wore green coat. N
Smith Graham Bindery   N
Smith Jocelyn Bindery   N
Smith Mark Machine Room   N
Smith Ann Bindery Nee Bennet, wife of Rod N
Smith Rod Bindery   N
Smith-Kerr Mick Machine Minder   N
Sneddon Mandy Bindery   N
Somerfield Audrey Bindery   N
Southworth Alan Driver/Manager Long service. Brother of Dave N
Southworth Jenny Bindery Wife of Dave N
Southworth Dave Bindery/Manager long service N
Spain Kim Bindery   N
Spain Ron Keyboard Father of Kim N
Sparkes Derek Bindery   N
Spree Brian Machine assistant Nice Bloke N
Spree Ken Comp Room Excellent table tennis player N
Spriggs Cathy Bindery   N
Stanton Doris Bindery   N
Starling Andy Bindery brother of Paul N
Starling Dave Sales   N
Starling Kerrie Bindery Nee Dodson, married Andy N
Starling Kerry Bindery Nee Whalin, married Paul N
Starling Paul Bindery   N
Starling Peter Bindery Father of Paul and Andy N
Stickens Ken Comp Room started Wyvern Press N
Stratten Sue Bindery   N
Styles Tony Comp Room/ Office Director. Long Service. N
Tandy Doris Bindery Nee Selves N
Tapperton Betty Bindery Nee Hopperton N
Taylor Anton Comp Room Apprentice N
Taylor Karen Bindery   N
Taylor Suzanne Bindery Twin Sister of Karen N
Templeman Angela Bindery Stunning N
Templeman Olga Bindery Sister of Angela. Also lovely. N
Terry Nick Driver   N
Thake Sue Office   N
Thompson Ray Linotype/Reader NGA FOC N
Thompson Sue Office Wife of Ray N
Thorne Phil Studio   N
Thornhill Terry Comp Room Apprentice 1977 N
Tidman Grahame Boilerman Jehovas Witness N
Tidy John Machine Minder Left to run Hop Pocket pub, Paddock Wood N
Timothy Gary Bindery   N
Timothy Ian Bindery/Office Brother of Gary N
Tonkin Mark Comp Room   N
Treays John Machine Assistant lived in Burham N
Tuckey Doug Monotype - Sales Rep. N
Turtle Ada Bindery Supervisor N
Turner John Machine Minder apprenticed, lost a finger on platen N
Underwood Beryl Bindery friend of Anne Wade N
Utteridge Fred Keyboard/Store Always Called Roy, had 2 thumbs on one hand N
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