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Villars Elda Docutech Partner of Bill Scott N
Vinten Bernadette Bindey Daughter in Law of Dave and Doreen N
Vinten Bill Bindery Brother to Dave and George N
Vinten Dave Bindery   N
Vinten Doreen Bindery Sister of Sheila Furminger and Audrey Daniels N
Vinten George Warehouse supervisor   N
Wade Anne Bindery   N
Wadhams Agnes Bindery   N
Wadhams Steve Bindery   N
Waghorne Charlie Readers   N
Wallace Gwen Bindery Sister of Shirley. N
Wallace Janet Bindery   N
Wallace Sheila Bindery   N
Wallace Shirley Bindery   N
Walters Ray Casters/Studio   N
Wanless Gillian Bindery sister of Lynn and very good friend of Dave Southworth-- married name Hissey. N
Want Steve Machine Minder   N
Ward Bill Warehouse   N
Warden Jim Comp Room   N
Warren Bob Bindery   N
Warren Ken Machine assistant played for the Gills N
Waters Bob. Comp Room   N
Watson Bert Machine assistant   N
Weaver Sheila Bindery Married Dave Hawes N
Wedlake Brian Keyboard Keen Fisherman N
Weedon Maureen Packing Bench   N
Weeks Arthur Comp room   N
Weeks Dorothy Bindery   N
Weeks Ron Machine minder   N
Wells Mark Studio/platemaking   N
West Fred Warehouse   N
West Wally Warehouse   N
Whallington Yvonne Bindery friend of Brian Wedlake. N
Whale Martyn Bindery/folders apprenticed N
White Charlie Readers Always called 'Bro' N
White Des Bindery porter A bit eccentric N
White Pauline Pay Office Married John Rodda N
White Peter Readers Always called 'Chalkie' N
Whitnell Eddie Driver married to Sylvia N
Whitnell Sylvia Transport Supervisor Dutch lady N
Wickens Norman Keyboard Very Clever man N
Wigley John Baling shed/ maintenance   N
Wigley Rose Sheetchecker and assistant Platen Room N
Wigley Roy Driver platen Room N
Wildash Jackie Docutech   N
Wilkinson Reg Platen Room Rode three wheel trike N
Williams Cliff Bindery   N
Williams Len Comp Room/Studio Real Craftsman N
Williamson Joyce Bindery   N
Wilson Chris Studio   N
Wilson Peter Keyboard went to Mackays N
Winstanley Dennis Comp Room Came from Passmores N
Wood Charlie Machine Minder Married Pauline N
Wood Pauline Office Nee Evans N
Woodlands Bob Machine Minder   N
Wood Mick Engineer went to Mackays. N
Woods Wally Boilerman   N
Woodrow Christine Bindery from T Blacklock-- any info? N
Woolett Charlie Comp Room Stone Hand-----Jehovas Witness N
Woolmer Derek Machine Assistant   N
Worrow Dave Bindery/Machine Room Guillotine Good Craftsman N
Wraight Clive Estimator from Scotland N
Wraight Felicity Bindery sister of Fernella Mitchell Nee White N
Wraight Louise   Daughter of Felicity N
Staples Printers Rochester , | History | Ex Staff | Roll of Honour | The Stanhope Press | Old man Hudson
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